Another Hydrangea!

Summer is here, and with it the perennials are blooming. For the second session of our Watercolor 2 class, our instructor brought several heads of deep pink hydrangea, giving us each a small clipping to paint. This is by far the most complicated form I’ve painted thus far! Especially challenging was transporting the specimen home to work on after our half-day class was over. Thank goodness for iPad photos taken in situ, or I’d have thrown the whole thing away and started again! I had to remind myself that every painting seems to go through an “ugly duckling” phase, and this piece turned out well enough to prove the point. I would still like to work a bit on the “buttons” at the centers, but alas, my desk was packed away once more to prepare for our flooring installation. I can’t wait to have this remodel done and my workspace back permanently!



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