Tulip in Progress

This tulip is a final composition for Watercolor 3. It was to be done in the style of a scientific illustration, showing enlarged reproductive parts and a cross-section of the bloom. The color of this flower is so lovely, and so difficult to capture! I’m satisfied with my work so far, but wishing I had the first wash on the main bloom to do over again! I’m beginning to really understand how the light gets “captured” within the first or second tea wash, and no amount of skillful painting can bring back light that has been obscured. This painting is obviously still in progress.

 I have been loving the studio, where I have finally settled in and started to actually get some work done. A lot of fiddling with process and materials has been productive, working out some kinks in transferring images from my final drawing to the watercolor paper. I’ve also been teaching art every other week in my son’s 4/5th grade classroom, as an Art in Action docent.

Tomorrow I am headed to the NCalSBA annual meeting at the Thoreau Center, which I am looking forward to. Our chapter will be hosting the big national SBA conference in 2017, the year I am set to graduate from Filoli!


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